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Welcome to the World of Science Written by Students.

YorScience is an online science magazine by University of York students for students! The place to read the latest of university research, along with groundbreaking science news from around the world. Through our articles we bring together and celebrate Global and University achievements. We are dedicated to delivering critical, dependable and unbiased articles to our readers.

However as a student led magazine, you will find more here than just news! Discover our wide variety of monthly Competitions. Browse our Events page where you’ll find events in and outside of campus. Or give our Student Life blog a read – we promise that you’ll find delightful bits-and-bob such as student and staff Q&A’s.

Founded in 2020 by Laura Gherman, with the hopes of giving students a chance to immerse themselves in the world of science, both through reading and writing articles. We are committed to expanding the University’s wonderful community, along with showcasing the best of student accomplishments and talents.

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